Hours & Events

Book NOW for your Lessons by calling Linda at 253-843-2929

Sorry but we will be closed Saturday May 1. We are open again starting Sunday May 2

Please do not come out to the property without first calling to make an appointment.

Download our Safety Guidelines so you know what we are doing to keep the fun going and the training on track!

According to the Washington State COVID-19 Response, it is not required to wear a mask outside if you stay 6 feet away from people other than those you live with.

We will resume our normal days and times when Pierce County reaches the appropriate phase of the Washington recovery program

Daily Details 

  $20 first lesson per household  each day  then  $18 for each subsequent lesson on the same day

Example: You bring both of your dogs out for herding lessons on a nice day. The first lesson is $20 and $18 for the second lesson for the first dog (20 + 18 = 38). The second dog gets two lessons at $18 each (2×18= 36).  

CASH or CHECK only    

No Credit or Debit Cards accepted


Young woman named Jess is holding two fluffy herding breed puppies
Herding instructor Jess getting some puppy love in between small arena lessons.