About NAG...

The mission of the Nebraska Association for the Gifted (NAG) is to promote quality education and opportunities for individuals with high abilities through proactive leadership and advocacy.

NAG is a non-profit, statewide, nationally affiliated, organization of parents, educators, business people and professionals who are interested in the education of gifted youth.

NAG Beliefs-

We believe that:

  • Individuals with high ability are present in all races, creeds, national origins, physical abilities and economic status.
  • Individuals with high ability have unique learning needs.
  • Understanding the uniqueness and diversity of individuals of high ability is essential for acceptance and respect.
  • Educators, parents, and community members must work together to meet the needs of individuals with high ability.
  • Educators have a responsibility to be adequately trained to meet the needs of individuals with high abilities.
  • Learners with high ability require a variety of challenging experiences that will enable them to demonstrate their potential.
  • Educational excellence for learners with high ability require a commitment of financial and human resources.