Need for Advocacy

It is with continuing advocacy that the educational needs of gifted and talented students will be met today, tomorrow and in the future. In National Excellence: A Case For Developing America's Talent, these children are identified as follows: Children and youth with outstanding talent who perform or show the potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with others of their age, experience or environment. These children and youth exhibit high performance capability in intellectual, creative, and/or artistic areas, possess an unusual leadership capacity or excel in specific academic fields. They require services or activities not ordinarily provided by the schools. Outstanding talents are present in children and youth from all cultural groups, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor.


The Nebraska Association for the Gifted (NAG) began in 1956 as a group of concerned parents, teachers, and administrators known as The Governor's Committee for the Academically Talented. Formed as an association in 1957, the group has continually strived to increase awareness of parents, teachers, teacher-trainers, and the general public to provide appropriate developmental experiences for students of high ability. The association has continually worked with the Nebraska Department of Education, and the state legislature. NAG helped to form the Rule 3 regulations governing the identification of high ability learners, lobbied to win support for Public Law 1229, providing for programs for gifted learners, and has worked closely with the state department's Director of High Ability Learner Education.