Resources and Links for Parents of Gifted Children

Resources and Links for Parents of Young Gifted Children


Legislative Advocacy

Real changes in education for High Ability students can come through government legislation. Getting involved in advocating at the local and state levels is another way to support your child’s needs.

Contact your state and federal legislators to voice your support for funding high
ability education. Not sure who your legislators are? Go here to find your Nebraska state senator. Web sites and addresses are included. You can often submit a brief email right online.

Visit the Nebraska Department of Education website to find information on the Nebraska State School Board and contact your school board member.

School District Advocacy

By learning about a variety of ways to advocate for your child, and how to put this knowledge into action, you can increase the likelihood that teachers and administrators will be able to join with you in this process.

A positive working relationship is important, and change is most likely to occur when the advocate approaches his/her task with these things in mind: Use good sense, good humor and good manners.

Read here for more information and tips on meeting with teachers and administrators.