K-11 Students

NAG Student Scholarship Application
Completed applications need to be received by April 1st.  

The Nebraska Association For Gifted will be awarding scholarship(s) of up to $250 for students in preschool through Grade 11.

Scholarships are awarded to students to encourage them to take advantage of educational opportunities that provide enrichment, acceleration, or independent study.

All applications must be submitted by April 1st.

For further questions please email: negifted@gmail.com

You may complete the online application below OR print and email your completed application.  Download Application Here. 

Student Name:
Parent/Guardian Name:
School Name:
School Address:

Criteria for selection will be based on the timeliness in following deadlines and the thoroughness of response to the following components. A committee from the Nebraska Association for the Gifted will review applications.

Please answer the following questions and attach the file below: 

  1. For what educational opportunity will this scholarship be used?

    2. What is the cost of this experience?

    3. What will this opportunity provide?

    4. How will this experience benefit you?

    5. Please include anything else you would like the committee to know about you.

    6. Please submit evidence of high ability, such as school identification, test scores, or a letter of recommendation. For preschoolers only, this may be a parent recommendation.

    7. Please attach a brochure, newsletter, website, or advertisement that explains or advertises this opportunity.

Student Essay: